Friday, October 8, 2010

Blast-off to ISS; Expedition 25 part 2.

Russian TMA-01M blasts off from Baikonur.

Scott Kelly and his crew left Earth at about 5 p.m. MDT yesterday for a 10 minute ride into orbit. It will take two days to reach the ISS for docking and the beginning of their part of the Expedition 25 mission.

The crew presents itself ready for launch. And for pictures.

NASA TV is repeatedly broadcasting the launch of the mission and the crew preparations at various times today. See the NASA TV website for schedule information.

Last waves to the crowd before entering the elevator.

As usual I'm less than impressed with the Russian video quality. At least it is available, and I can get some snapshots for the blog. Thanks to everyone who makes sure we get to see this part of the mission. ANd thanks to the still image photographers who send in the better quality images.

Top of the Russian gantry. Escape tower is visible above the gantry.

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