Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spaceport Runway Dedicated

Sir Richard Branson and New Mexico Governor Richards in front of Virign Galactic's White Knight carrier and Spaceship 2 spacecraft (photo credit Jeff Foust)

Last Friday saw the official dedication of America's new spaceport runway. Located down in New Mexico, the SpacePort America sit will host the headquarters of Virgin Galactic, a company set to bring the first tourists into sub-orbital flights that won't be on the Russian Soyuz capsules. There are hundreds of rich tourists already signed up for flights. Lat month the White Knight 2 Carrier successfully drop-tested the SpaceShip 2 vehicle which made a perfect glide in to its landing. Rocket motor tests are continuing, and we should soon see the first space flight for SS2 shortly. Mega-Bazillionaire Sir Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Airlines, partnered with spaceship designer Burt Rutan to develop this new space company. They have announced that once sub orbital flights begin the company will work to establish orbital flights.

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