Monday, October 25, 2010

STS-133 Go for Nov. 1st

The Crew poses in front of Discovery on pad.

The shuttle Discovery and its crew of mission STS-133 have been given clearance to attempt their launch on November 1st in the afternoon. The leaky fuel seals have been replaced and repairs deemed successful. The shuttle is ready for blastoff from Launch Pad 39A.

This mission will take important supplies and spare parts up to the ISS. It will also make the last trip for the Express Logistics Carrier-4, a large pod which docks to a port for transfer of supplies. This time the pod will remain attached to the station, providing important storage space for the future.

This will be Discovery's last flight to space. The shuttle program is winding down, and there will only be one or two more flights next year. After that, we start hitch-hiking.

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