Wednesday, December 3, 2014

NASA Prepares to Test Orion Capsule

Delta IV Heavy Rocket sits on the pad at Launch Complex 37.

The day is finally arriving when NASA is ready to make the first test flight for the SLS system. If all goes well, the Orion capsule test unit will be lifted into space by a Delta IV heavy rocket from Pad 37 at the Cape Canaveral complex. United Launch Alliance will handle the launch, designed to test the Orion capsule through launch, insertion into space, and then a high-G return through the atmosphere. Sensors packed throughout the capsule will monitor all phases of the flight, indicating to engineers how the project is going so far.

NASA Orion launch InfoCard. CLick on the picture to get info on how you can watch the flight.

The launch is scheduled for 5:05 a.m. Mountain time on Thursday. However, weather could interfere with the launch. There is a chance for rain and winds tomorrow, so NASA weather scientists are closely watching the situation.

You can keep up with the latest news on Orion testing at NASA's Orion webpage:

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