Friday, January 27, 2012

Progress 46 docks at ISS

Progress 46 docking position illustrated. Two other Soyuz capsules docked for transferring crews to Earth.

Russian Progress 46 made a smooth approach and docking with the International Space Station at approximately 5:09 p.m. MST. The final approach and docking was completely computer-controlled. The robotic freighter has brought up spare parts, life support supplies, water, and fuel for the station. The Russian designation for the freighter is M-14M. It will remain attached to the station through April 24. Earlier this week, another Progress capsule, filled with trash, was jettisoned to make way for this one. The jettisoned Progress will burn up in the atmosphere over the ocean.

Progress 46 camera view of ISS.

ISS window view of Progress 46 on approach.

The spaceships are in the Earth's shadow. Progress 46 still appears in soft light from the station. Its symmetrical solar panels help visualize its orientation.

ISS Hatch in upper part of view as the spacecraft close.

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