Saturday, July 3, 2010

Russian Soyuz takes off, misses ISS

Russian Progress rocket on blast off

Recently the Russian space agency launched a Progress mission to resupply the ISS. As it is unmanned and controlled from the ground by the Russian mission control, the Progress system has been generally well managed and reliable. This time something went wrong.

What the ISS astronauts aren't seeing... yet.

Telemetry with the Progress capsule was lost. Without guidance, the capsule flew right on by the ISS. It's at a different altitude so there is no danger of collision. There is no resupply yet, either. Even though they have no contact with the capsule, the Russians are telling everyone that they are still in control of the craft. Please, someone, tell me the logic behind that statement?

Here's hoping, though, that the Russians do manage to regain control and continue to resupply the station. After all, we only have two shuttle flights left before the STS program is cancelled, and then we will be TOTALLY DEPENDENT on the Russians for rides and supply to the ISS.

Anyone else feel queasy about that?

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