Wednesday, May 26, 2010

STS-132: Atlantis lands for last time.

Atlantis falls through the sky.

Shuttle Atlantis brought the crew of mission STS-132 home to Kennedy Space Center just before 7 a.m. MDT this morning. Commander Ken Ham and pilot Tony Antonelli flew the orbiter in for a picture-perfect landing on the long runway.

Easy does it... Careful, now...

Atlantis has been flying now for 25 years since 1985. This was scheduled to be Atlantis' last mission in space, but the orbiter will be prepped and stand-by as an emergency vehicle during the November launch of shuttle Endeavor.

Drogue parachute slows Atlantis down until the brakes can do their job.

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Matt said...

It's really sad to see the shuttle program coming to an end. I wenr to the US Space Camp in huntsville, Alabama and got to be the commander of the shuttle. It was way cool during take off and landing. (one of my favorite parts was that there was a button to turn off the warning alarm. I think our space camp needs that. :) I'll miss the shuttle.