Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meanwhile, up at the ISS...

Two Soyuz Capsules at ISS. Bottom capsule is docked at ISS, top is repositioning to another docking port.

Now that's an impressive lens flare! Repositioning Soyuz can be made out halfway between the Sun and the docked Soyuz.

Here she comes. Soyuz, left of center, moving towards new docking position.

The crew of Expedition 23 aboard ISS moved one of the two docked Soyuz space capsules. They have opened a space for the STS-132 crew to position the new Russian Mini-Module when they arrive this weekend. I always enjoy watching NASA's broadcasts of ISS operations. And of course, whenever we get lots of EVA or out-of-ship activity it's fun to sit back, watch, and play space music as the finest explorers on Earth do their thing.

ISS moves into shadow. The Soyuz emits a navigation light as it moves closer.

Russian docking camera view as the docking is completed.

Magnificent view down the length of the station truss segments.

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