Thursday, July 9, 2009

Countdown Started

NASA prepares to launch the STS-127 mission to the ISS. The crew, pictured above, is at the Cape and preparing themselves for the launch which is scheduled for Saturday night at 7:39 pm Eastern. The purpose of the assembly mission is to finish construction of the Japanese Kibo module over a series of five spacewalks. EVA fans will love this mission!

With the hydrogen leak problem resolved, the current worry is on the weather, which can delay the liftoff. On a personal note, I lived in Florida for 9 years and every attempt at being at the cape for a launch was botched because of those darned delays and scrubbed launches. Thankfully, some launches were performed in weather so clear that I was able to actually see the ascents from the other side of the state! Specifically, I remember seeing the last of the Saturn IB launches, Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, and the launch of Shuttle Discovery on STS-103 in 1999.

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