Friday, January 2, 2009

Planetary Bombardment Under Way

Tonight Earth will be bombarded by fast moving projectiles hurtled at us from outer space. 
Astronomers often refer to this particular recurring event as the Quadrantid Meteor Shower. According to the experts at, it's peak intensity should occur in the early morning hours over America on Saturday January 3rd.  Unfortunately, at this time here in Utah we are experiencing a major snowfall event which will cloud over the skies at the time of this happening. I myself will be sheltered in the Command Bunker. The danger level for this event is very small, thanks to the expected minor size of the projectiles. Therefore, I expect I'll be snoozing away in anticipation of shoveling frozen H2O later on.

However, it pays to be cautious. Fox News reported on a mysterious explosion over the region of Fairbanks, Alaska last Monday afternoon. Multiple witnesses reported a contrail in the sky recording the path of the asteroid which evidently exploded above ground. Witnesses also reported hearing the shockwaves of the explosion which destroyed the falling object.

Lucky Fairbanks. If that object had reached the ground before exploding, it could have caused great damage.

But the question really is, Who? Who is behind this devious assault on Planet Earth? 

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