Monday, January 19, 2009

Command Bunker Survives Biological Attack

Back in October I made sure to get my seasonal flu shot.  What I forgot was that flu shots don't do a darned thing about head colds.  That sneaky, recurrent viral invader got me over the last 10 days, and I tell ya, nothing defeats blogging like a virus.  I had no desire to do any work on the computer at all, which is tough considering that's how I make a living.  But all is well, the immune system kicked in, and the viral invaders have been suppressed.  Alas, like the Terminator, they're always quoting: "I'll be back..."

I suspect my immune system was lowered in capacity due to all the snow-shoveling activity, which is tougher on the body than any gym exercise session.  Utah got dumped on seriously through the 10th, and since I live on the side of Mt. Timpanogos, it doubled its portions just for me.  Since the end of the serial wave of snowstorms, it has been quiet, weather-wise, and we're trapped in an inversion. That means the valley air is stagnant, the pollution doesn't leave, and air quality suffers. That makes it hard on everyone's respiratory systems.  Fortunately, my home is just slightly high enough on the benches to poke up through the thickest layers of smog.  We've also seen thick morning fog as a result.  That's kindof cool.

Anyhow, it's time to get back to spaceblogging.

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