Friday, September 5, 2014

Duck and Cover! Here Comes Another One!

Omigosh!  It's coming right for us! OK, maybe not.

NASA says it won't hit us. But what if it does? WHAT IF IT DOES!?!?!?

Of course I'm warning you today about Sunday's imminent arrival of asteroid 2014 RC, which will zoom by the planet at about a distance of 22,000 miles. That's close, man! It's so close that it will pass near the orbital zone of our weather satellites and those way-out there communications satellites. 

NASA asteroid plot projection. See

At the time of close approach, the rock will hurtle over New Zealand at 18:18 UTC (universal time). I'll let you do the conversion math to your own time. I'm at Salt Lake City Comic Con, so I have a waiver from having to do any math in my head today. The rock is about 60 feet long, and was only discovered on August 31 by astronomers in Hawaii. So if you feel a big thump on Sunday, maybe the NASA guys were wrong and New Zealand just got smacked. That would be bad, because they make great movies down there.

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