Friday, April 11, 2014

Atlas V Blast-off Restarts Florida Launches

Mission NROL-67 blasts off from SLC-41 in Cape Canaveral. All pics in this post are from ULA.

Yesterday at 1:45 PM EDT an Atlas V carrying a spy satellite lifted off without problems for an eastern flight across the Atlantic Ocean and up into geosynchronous orbit. With this successful launch, and no reported problems from the recently repaired Range radar, the launch schedule from Florida can resume. The next flight is on April 14, when SpaceX launches the Falcon rocket with its Dragon resupply spacecraft to the ISS.

Atlas V on pad SLC-41.

It was a beautiful day for a launch, and congratulations to the ULA (United Launch Alliance) team that has launched two Atlas V missions across the country from each other within about a week's time.

Ground view of the Atlas V.

View from across the inlet. Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center are surrounded by a beautiful wildlife refuge. The white tower to the left of the pad is the rocket gantry complex.

Another aerial view that really shows how the pad is surrounded by water. The Freshwater parts also include alligators!


The Atlas V goes supersonic. The solid rocket boosters give a tremendous push.

With their fuel expended, the boosters are jettisoned and the rocket continues to climb using its core fuel. 

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