Monday, May 27, 2013

Delta IV lifts WGS-5 to orbit

Delta IV launch from LC-47. ULA picture.

Wideband Global SATCOM-5 was sent into orbit Friday to become part of the US military's network of communications satellites giving worldwide networking communications to ships, planes, and groundfighters wherever they may be.

The United Launch Alliance is the spin-off company owned 50-50 by Boeing and Lockheed that provides launch services for the US government. That includes the military, NASA, and our spy agencies. Using the Launch Complex 37 pad at Cape Canaveral, ULA prepped and launched the Delta IV rocket at 6:27 pm MDT Friday May 24th. It was the 71st ULA launch in a 77-month period. It was the second launch for the government in 9 days, the last being a launch of an Atlas rocket (covered in the previous post). 

Great coverage of the flight at SpaceFlight Now:

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