Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rocketing into 2013

Mercury 7 Logo.

Now that we've moved on to 2013, my coverage of 50 Years Ago was lacking an important document: a Chronology of 1963! Thankfully I managed to wind my way through the twisting corridors of NASA documents and found what I was looking for, so I'll soon be posting more blasts from the past of America's Space Program 50 YA. This year we'll be looking back at the last of the Mercury missions, the development of Gemini and Apollo, new missions to the planets and the Moon, and of course the tragic death of President Kennedy. 

In my coverage of current events in space, I'm going to try a new format I've seen other bloggers use, that of short descriptions of an event tied to a link where you can find a much better resource than my own words. I plan to make more commentaries of the development of commercial space, politics in space, and also some posts on being a spaceflight fan and ways I incorporate space-related hobbies.

As for astronomy, I continue my interest in Near-Earth orbiting asteroids. I'm a big fan of Meteorite Men on the Science Channel, and I'm hoping to stake out some meteor showers this year. I will also be increasing my personal binocular astronomy time, and will report on my object safari quests. So, "Ad Astra" and away we go!

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