Friday, July 8, 2011

STS-135: Atlantis prepares for Last Shuttle Launch

Flight Deck view of technician helping astronauts get seated.

This is it.
Time has passed quickly this summer, and we've reached the last mission of the Space Transportation System, or STS. Atlantis is preparing for a launch from Cape Kennedy at 9:26 a.m. MDT. Weather is not looking good, and there is a good chance that the mission will be scrubbed this morning. However, the window of opportunity for launch to the ISS is open and the crew is anxious to begin the mission they were trained for.

Atlantis ready on the pad, fueled up and all systems being checked.

On this last mission of the shuttle program, Atlantis will carry four astronauts, supplies, and the Raffaello logistics module to be installed on the station. One spacewalk is planned during their stay. The crew is Commander Chris Fergusson, Pilot Doug Hurley, with Sandy Magnus and Rex Walhelm serving as mission specialists.

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