Monday, June 27, 2011

Asteroid 2011MD Buzzes By the Earth

Hunker Down in the Bunker!

Asteroid 2011 MD zipped by our planet this morning at about 7:30 am this morning, according to NASA. Definitely a Near Earth Asteroid encounter. Scientists have estimated the rock's size at about 5 to 20 meters in diameter, small enough that it would definitely have broken up and mostly burned up in our atmosphere if it had connected with the Earth. Might have made a nice episode on the Meteorite Men TV series. However, the asteroid passed by without mishap and continued on its way in space.

Orbital components.

From the Bunker: The war with the Interstellar Comet Empire continues. Safely protected in the bowels of our Command Bunker, I waited patiently for zero-hour to pass. Finally the time had come, and the danger was over. Once again, the inept fire controllers of the enemy had failed to send their meteor bombs on the correct trajectory. No doubt several technicians will be executed by the OverLord for their lack of skill. Meanwhile, most citizens of the Earth go about their morning business as usual, blissfully unaware of the mortal danger we face from outer space bombardments...

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