Wednesday, May 18, 2011

STS-134: Endeavor Docks w/ISS

Endeavour Prepares for the RPM.

The shuttle Endeavoour has successfully docked early this morning at the International Space Station. Efforts are already beginning to prepare the offloading of the Alpha SPectrometer and other supplies. Several spacewalks are planned to prepare the station for a lack of visits by the shuttle teams.

Robotic CanadArm prepares to inspect shuttle bottom.

Yesterday the crew used the robotic arm to move a camera around the underside of the shuttle, inspecting the protective tiles needed for re-entry at the end of the mission. Today, after the arrival of the shuttle at the station, Commander Kelly flew the shuttle in the Rendezvous Pitch Maneuver. Basically the shuttle flipped over onto its back and upright again so the ISS crew could photograph the entire shuttle exterior. Engineers on the ground will examine the data and determine if it is safe for the astronauts to return Endeavour to the Earth at the end of the mission.

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