Tuesday, April 26, 2011

STS 134 crew arrives at Kennedy for launch

T-38s line up after landing.

The crew of space shuttle mission STS-134 arrived at the Kennedy SPace Center today, flying in their NASA T-38 jet trainers which they use for rapid transit and flight practice.

Commander Mark Kelly disembarks.

The crew got together for press pictures and to make some comments. Commander Kelly's wife, Gabriella Giffords, will be on site Friday to watch the launch. She is recovering from an assassination attempt several months ago, when she and a half-dozen others were shot while she greeted her constituents at a shopping mall in Arizona. Giffords is a member of the US House of Representatives. Her recovery from a bullet in the head is a medical miracle.

Just smile and wave, Boys...

Once the conference was over the astronauts headed to the space center to begin preparations for Friday's launch, scheduled now for 1:47 pm MDT. Commander Kelly and pilot Greg Johnson were scheduled to practice flying the Shuttle Training Aircraft this afternoon, in preparation for landing the shuttle when the mission is over.

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