Monday, August 16, 2010

3rd Spacewalk to fix pump underway

Mission Control up before dawn.

Early this morning the ISS was buzzing with activity as the 3rd spacewalk to repair the cooling system was underway. The goal today is to install the replacement ammonia pump module into the S1 Truss. Successful installation will allow the station to resume full cooling. Performing the spacewalk this morning are Flight Engineers Doug Wheelock and Tracy Dyson.

Watching the activities this morning on NASA TV, brought something to mind. Remember not too long ago, politician Sarah Palin was giving a speech and the camera caught some notes written on her hand:

Inset picture shows hand note. Pic copyright

The liberal press made loads of criticism about the discovery, and many people made fun of her. But look at what we saw floating in space this morning while on the S1 Truss:

Hand notes on suit sleeve at bottom of pic. NASA TV.

It appears that even astronauts with PhD's and tons of training, backup from a mission control center and supporting astronauts inside the station still need to have quick reminders for various reasons. In this case the notes were helping Tracy Dyson as she reconnected fluid lines to the ammonia pump. SO, it seems that Sarah Palin was merely using advanced NASA EVA techniques. Instead of criticizing her, news commentators should have applauded her savvy know-how and advanced training. Snicker.

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