Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pres. Obama at Kennedy Space Center

Vehicle Assembly Building at KSC. This 2005 picture shows damage on the side of the building from the high winds of a hurricane that year. It's one big, tough building.

President Obama will visit the Kennedy Space Center today for a couple of hours. He will not have any time to tour the facility. He will be meeting with a White-House selected group of politicians and NASA officials, followed by a 45- minute speech he will give defining his final views on the new direction the space agency will take. Following the conference, the President will fly to a Florida fundraising event.

After his departure, NASA Director Charles Bolden will kick off a short conference at around 2 pm Utah time. There will be several short panels sessions, and the conference will conclude by about 3:40 pm.

Over the last couple of months there have been huge debates among the space agency and space enthusiasts everywhere over the drastic change of direction for NASA. There have been several alternate plans put forward to replace the seemingly disastrous proposals put forward by the White House. It culminated yesterday with letters to the president from a large number of our most remembered space heroes and astronauts including, unexpectedly, even a letter from Neil Armstrong himself. These letters condemned the Obama plan and urged a redo of the strategy.

Today we will know if any of this has had any effect at all.

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