Monday, February 8, 2010

Endeavor blasts off!

Endeavor Takes Flight

STS-130 began in the wee morning hours on Monday. From the camera views inside the shuttle, the crew looked excited and ready for this mission. Some even looked a little bit like kids at Disneyland! At about 2:15 am, the shuttle Endeavor blasted off during the last scheduled night launch of a shuttle. Will it be the last night launch of American astronauts? Well, I suppose some of the Russian Soyuz flights to ISS might take place at night. But there won't be tens of thousands of Americans lining the roads around the launch pad to witness it.

The main goal of the STS 130 mission is to install the Tranquility module with its amazing observation node onto the ISS. Enjoy this two-week mission folks, there are only four more after this.

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