Saturday, June 13, 2009

Launch Scrubbed today

Shuttle Endeavor still remains poised for launch atop Launch Pad 39A at the Kennedy spaceport. The STS-127 mission was scrubbed for today when a hydrogen venting leak was detected on the pad. The dangerous nature of the leak meant that the launch had to be aborted, and the fuel drained from the ET (External Tank) before repairs could be implemented.

The exact problem is still under investigation and managers are expected to meet Sunday at about noon mountain time after the investigation and procedures have been thought through. A new launch time will then be appointed. According to NASA's website, the next window for a launch opportunity is June 17th, so no launch before then.

BTW: image credit is almost always NASA or NASA TV, or an uncredited source probably from NASA originally anyway. You and I pay for these images with every paycheck. And I'd rather have that tax dollar go to NASA than to some stupid bank bailout...

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